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Half Baked Helles


For some reason, I was wrongly associating bock with helles in my head, so when the Half Baked Helles (5.X%) showed up in bright yellow rather than a dark brown, I was a tad surprised (also apparent: my phone takes terrible pictures in low light). I now know that a helles bier is a light lager.

Peace Coffee Stout

Peace Coffee Stout

The emphasis is more on the coffee than the stout in Peace Coffee Stout (5.2%). It's definitely a stout, but the coffee flavor in powerfully dominant - in a good way. While very flavorful, this brew is surprisingly light for a stout. A more pronounced than expected carbonation likely lends this lightness.

Verdict: a solid entry. Not necessarily a depth of winter cold sort of beverage, but a real breakfast beer contender. The world needs more of those.

(No cribbage)

20/20 IPA

20/20 IPA

The 20/20 IPA (7.1%) is a very hoppy brew with 20 different hop additions at 20 points during the boil. Rather than being grassy or floral in flavor, the wide variety of hops yields a rounded, bright sort of bitterness. The sweetness is surprisingly strong but provides a suitable balance to all those hops.

Verdict: Very good. Worth having again.

(Cribbage: won)