OpenSSH 5.3, PHP 5.3.1

More upgraded packages! I think these are the last ones I have to do for now.

I jumped forward many versions to OpenSSH 5.3. I had to remove openssh-clients and openssh-server, which have exact-version dependencies before I could upgrade the base openssh package. After re-installing the other two, everything seems to be working just fine.

OpenSSH downloads:

PHP required quite a bit more tweaking to get up to 5.3.1. For one thing, I got rid of the php-common package completely. The only thing that's really in there in the current version is the dbase module, and that got split out to PECL in the 5.3.0 release. Having an empty package as a requirement for everything else seemed pointless. I also added php-mssql back in. The spec file changelog claims this module is built conditionally, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. Nevertheless, compiling my SRPM has an additional requirement: freetds-devel (available in the extras repo).

I had to remove php-devel, php-mssql, and php-pear (not provided by this package but dependent on php-devel) before I could update. Do php-cli first, then php, then most likely you can update the other modules in any order. YMMV, depending on what additional modules you have installed.

PHP downloads: