Travel thoughts

  • Entering the airport this morning, the "threat level" warning sticker was so weathered that the orange was no longer orange. I realize it isn't exactly unknown how worthless these levels are, but I was amused how long it apparently hasn't changed.
  • Why do all airplanes have floatation devices? A small plane like the one from Duluth to MSP will likely never fly over a body of water large enough to crash into. What are the floaties for?
  • It's the little things that count. Like being able to stand up straight inside an airplane.
  • This is the nicest hotel I've ever set foot in, let alone stayed in. Amazing how shitty the mini-bar selection is. High class doesn't imply good taste, apparently.
  • I have to be at a meeting tomorrow by two. PM. Somehow this counts as "work".
  • This town seems proud of a lack of chain businesses. They have lots of nice looking mom & pop stores downtown. Know what these stores have in common? If you want to buy beer or food or contact goo or whatever at 10:30, they're all closed. Say what you like about chains, at least they fulfill the basic retail obligation - i.e., giving you shit in exchange for money.