Half Baked Helles


For some reason, I was wrongly associating bock with helles in my head, so when the Half Baked Helles (5.X%) showed up in bright yellow rather than a dark brown, I was a tad surprised (also apparent: my phone takes terrible pictures in low light). I now know that a helles bier is a light lager.

The name supposedly refers to some smokiness present in the ingredients, although I couldn't really taste that in the beer. Fortunately, this was not utterly without flavor - as light lagers are sometimes prone to being. I would describe it as more grainy than smoky. The thickness was also a pleasant surprise as it leaned more in the direction of creamy than watery.

Verdict: Decent. I'm not usually a fan of paler lagers, but this would be alright outside on a hot summer day or in a German beer garden.

(No cribbage)