Get your old Google back

Want the old Google back without the left sidebar nonsense? You just need a different URL: Every query string parameter appears to be necessary.

Install an OpenSearch plugin (Firefox, Chrome, possibly others)
The XML file

To make searches from the address bar do the same thing, go to about:config and change keyword.URL.

As opposed to...

vegan wine

I'm somewhat at a loss what the alternative might be. Is someone actually making a cabernet that's literally bold and beefy?

OpenSSH 5.3, PHP 5.3.1

More upgraded packages! I think these are the last ones I have to do for now.

I jumped forward many versions to OpenSSH 5.3. I had to remove openssh-clients and openssh-server, which have exact-version dependencies before I could upgrade the base openssh package. After re-installing the other two, everything seems to be working just fine.

OpenSSH downloads:

Taller & Taller


They're growing at an alarming rate! The next one may reach the ceiling.

Apache 2.2.14 packages for CentOS

I needed to upgrade my apache version pretty drastically for the sake of PCI compliance, so I took CentOS' current httpd package apart and re-built it using the latest httpd release, 2.2.14.

Because the packages involved have exact-version dependencies, I had to remove httpd-devel, httpd-manual, and mod_ssl first. Then I could upgrade httpd to the new version and reinstall the upgraded versions of httpd-devel, httpd-manual, and mod_ssl. YMMV.






More Pictures

First ones with red-eye fixed, second without. Call me lazy.

WPA Enterprise with Tomato and Freeradius

I recently picked up a new router for work and wanted to finally get a proper WPA set up. I know, it's 2009, I'm really on the ball here. For some reason, people didn't like using a lengthy, alpha-numeric passphrase with no basis in English. Go figure. So my goal was to use existing username & password combinations from the email server for WPA Enterprise authentication. Plus it had to work on Windows and OS X clients.

Yes Google, That's Exactly What I Was Going To Type


Is that really such a common search phrase?

Travel thoughts

  • Entering the airport this morning, the "threat level" warning sticker was so weathered that the orange was no longer orange. I realize it isn't exactly unknown how worthless these levels are, but I was amused how long it apparently hasn't changed.
  • Why do all airplanes have floatation devices? A small plane like the one from Duluth to MSP will likely never fly over a body of water large enough to crash into. What are the floaties for?
  • It's the little things that count. Like being able to stand up straight inside an airplane.

Half Baked Helles


For some reason, I was wrongly associating bock with helles in my head, so when the Half Baked Helles (5.X%) showed up in bright yellow rather than a dark brown, I was a tad surprised (also apparent: my phone takes terrible pictures in low light). I now know that a helles bier is a light lager.